My mom got a new car(shocker) and it’s got a moon roof. I’m sitting in the car now with the moon roof open in a parking lot. The wind is blowing pretty fierce today. It’s also really sunny out. The wind is just blowing hard enough to make my hair blow back in the wind. But the rest of the car is closed. The only thing open is the moon roof. There are no other openings. It’s solid. For some strange reason it makes me feel safe. I’m safe from the harsh winds so they won’t blow me over; yet they are blowing just hard enough for me to feel the wind in my hair and on my skin. 
I’m loving the way it feels. Safe. I haven’t felt safe in a long long time. I’m always on guard. But in this moment I feel good. I’m soaking up every second of it just like the sunshine on my skin. 
The moon roof and wind is sorta like a parallel to God in a way. Bad stuff  is gonna happen and we can’t control it. But just like the moon roof providing a outlet to the elements, God is going to let bad things happen to you. BUT think about the rest of the car. It’s closed off to the wind and the elements of the outside world. Your situation could be way worse than what it is; I think a lot of us forget that while going thru tuff times. 
 He gives you just enough wind to keep you grounded. You make think that the wind blowing thru the moonroof is just all you can take. But the rest of your body is safe. He keeps us safe. He will only give you what you can handle.  
Psalm 91:4 You will be covered by his feathers; under his wings you will be safe: his good faith will be your salvation


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