I believe

I haven’t written in quite a while.. Hopefully I can write some over break as soon as exams are done, with that being said I have decided to post this, a scholarship essay I wrote. This is different than what my blog was originally made to be about but I thought this would be a breathe of fresh air so to speak. If you read this and are in FFA feel free to use this a helpful reference but PLEASE DO NOT take this. This work is mine and I am proud of it.


“I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words but of deeds”… These words from the FFA Creed written in 1930 by E.M. Tiffany surely ring true for Pulaski County, and myself. As I attend New River in the fall I know that I am that much closer to obtaining my goal as becoming an Agriculture Educator. With the recent news of my win for the Virginia State FFA Association Agriculture Education Proficiency Award, I believe that my career choice will empower other young agriculturists to become more involved in the field, just as my agriculture teachers have done for myself. With becoming an agriculture educator I hope to provide a strong foundation for Virginias’ youth and develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success, just as the FFA mission statement states.
As Pulaski County continues to grow and develop in agriculture technologies I see nothing but great things to come for the agriculture community. With the development of such strong leaders the FFA and Livestock Club have in their programs proves this to be true. With Pulaski County having such a strong recent growth in dairy technologies and milking parlors I know Pulaski County is going to continue to grow and employ people within these fields. With developments in precision agriculture I believe Virginia will continue to grow and develop products made with “precision” for the betterment of the consumer. As Virginias’ horse industry continues to grow and bring in over 1.2 billion dollars to the Virginia economy annually, Virginia is the opportune place for an equine enthusiast. Along with the equine industry, broilers, cattle, dairy products, horticulture, and turkeys along with other commodities the agriculture industry brings in over fifty-five billon dollars annually to Virginia, and this will only continue to grow in future years.
As seen at the 87th Annual National FFA Convention this past October held in Louisville, KY, FFA membership is at an all time high. This proves that America has a young generation of agriculture enthusiasts ready to make a difference. Agriculture is the backbone of America. Without agriculture, the American people would go hungry, naked, and not have a home, thankfully FFA members see this need and will continue to show and share their passion with other FFA members. I believe agriculture jobs will continue to grow due to the American population continuing to grow. I believe that FFA and 4H members hold the keys to new developments in agriculture and will have a strong base of leadership, communication, and teamwork skills ready to lead American agriculture into the future, which is ever so bright.


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