New at this!

Hi. I’m not sure if anyone will ever read this, but I wanted to document my journey. I’d like to go by the name “Tiffany” for now.

To start out I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I am community college student currently studying Education. I have three Quarter Horses, whom I love dearly. My horse, holds a very special place in my heart.. (but we’ll get to that later). I hope in my life to become a writer, a wife, a mother, a servant of God, and become a master in forgiveness.. (something I’ve been working on for years) I love spending time with my new puppy..who is a little bit of a wild child right now. I call it, “the terrible twos”. I would say I don’t have a lot of friends, but the very few that I do have, are more than enough. I don’t really do much other than ride horses, and homework!  I love the beach..( I’ve only been once in my life and I was hooked)! I’m not a good spelling so beware!  My favorite color is red, I love a good steak, I’m a bit of neat freak, and I love almost any type of music.. except for the oldies.. EWW.  I also love a good and challenging Horsemanship and Trail pattern.

To say I’ve had an easy life would be and understatement. I’ve watched a bruised and broken marriage from my parents growing up, only to find myself in the same situation a few years later. I’ve been on this journey for a little over a year now, and it of course its had its ups and downs, mainly downs. I suffer from anxiety, depression, dysgraphia aka I flip numbers around, and Type II Bipolar. So, to say the least it can get a little hairy at times.  I just found out about these disorders less than a year ago. It pretty much all happened at once. It’s been rough. Really rough.  So, I’m going to attempt to tell my story on here, and hopefully give some wisdom for others that have and will be in my situation.


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